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TOTONOU Constitutional Healing

Sustainable Balance of  Yin and Yang


About us

Sustainable Balance of Yin & Yang

We support your health and condition by Eastern medicine with Japanese “TOTONOU Constitutional healing“ in NY. 

Sustainable Balance of Yin and Yang is the most basic concept of health in this medicine.

All symptoms are signs of imbalances.

Let me heal your condition and get your body back into balance by Japanese Acupuncture. 


Heals your symptoms.

 Remove the stagnation of Qi, blood, and water. Revive these circulation and get into the balance internally and externally. 

60 mins whole body treatment with acupuncture and moxa.


Increasing Qi, Blood, and water circulation makes the facial tone brighter and moisturizer.


I treat internal organs as well for facial rejuvenation since the skin is one of the organs.

Naturally facial lifts up by treating internally and externally together.  


90 mins body and facial acupuncture and moxa + facial & head massage



Medical Massage

Energetically revive the circulation of Qi, blood, and water in the body with massage by my hands. 

60 mins body TuiNa/medical massage with/without oil.

*Organic Herbal Oil use

Misty Slopes

Article about Chinese Medicine 

Eastern medicine includes acupuncture, massage/TuiNa, and herbal medicine/Kampo. It is based on a tradition of more than 3,000 years. That is why this medicine still works. This medicine is full of pearls of wisdom that help us to coexist and co-prosper with nature.  We are just inhabitants on the earth. It is no matter where you live, and what your nationality is. We are all the same as human beings. It is important to know how to coexistence with nature since we can't control or win against nature. Coexistence with nature is one of the keys to living healthy at any age. We have to keep our immune system powerfully active under the Covid-19 situation that makes us fearful, anxious, and worried about the future since these feelings decrease our body functions. Eastern medicine helps the flow of energy, blood, and water circulation. It is another key to living healthy for the long term.

Eastern medicine and philosophy are the most helpful and useful methods of alternative medicine.