Getting a good balance

Updated: Feb 7

"Getting a good balance" is very important in living your life.

A well-balanced diet, A well-balanced between work and private, Get along with people in a well-balanced manner, A well-balanced bodyBalance mentally (= relax well without stress and accumulation too much).

I feel that it is closely related to living with "balancing" and living every day in good mental and physical health. I also experienced the pandemic caused by a coronavirus and a new variant.

In NY, the lockdown happened from the 3rd week of March 2020, the coronavirus mutant strain that continues even now. I was feeling so down and wondering if I should return to Japan or stay in NY, but I decided to stay here. I was happy that I could spend time on things that I couldn't do before, but I'm worried that I couldn’t work for a while. Dissatisfaction turns into stress, and it is even more disturbing. .. .. Depending on the day, there are days when you feel calm, and there are days when you are really impatient. That’s very natural and normal!!

In this situation that I can't helper change myself, I have no choice but to calm my feelings in a well-balanced manner. People are really different, so people who exercise and sweat and calm down, people who play games and watch movies at home and calm down, people who read and calm down, people who cook and calm down, gardens A person who calms down by playing with soil. Anything is fine, if you can feel relieved in a good state of mind. By the way, I dance Latin dance! !!

We also need to ease stress, and we also need a way to deal with it well, so that both of them work well, "how to balance ourselves to suit ourselves" and "to harmonize our mind and body." It's not about always trying at 100%, 0 or 100, but giving a little leeway to your feelings is a good balance.

By knowing your body well, in other words, what kind of person you are, what you do to make you feel better, whether it makes you happy, whether you are excited, or why you are depressed, you can also "balance". It will be easier to take.

If you think that your heart and feelings have been disturbed, first exhale deeply from the bottom of your hara(abdomen), and then slowly inhale the air to fill your abdomen and chest. If you do what you like to make yourself smile naturally and have acupuncture and moxibustion treatment along with it, your feelings and body will become easier. And it will be easier to move forward again.

Eastern medicine has a lot of wisdom to live mentally and physically healthy.

I share that wonderful wisdom with everyone who has visit this website.

Kazumi Senda, L.Ac.

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