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Total body treatment. The human body has a physiological system, which is called homeostasis, to maintain the body. TOTONOU healing  Japanese Acupuncture Treatment helps and supports it. Keeping homeostasis activated is the most important to be healthy. 

We diagnose your conditions using by Traditional Chinese Medicine's four diagnostic methods. Our treatment specializes in emphasis on palpation method, such as taking a pulse, checking the abdomen (Hara diagnosis) by our hands. Especially the abdomen shows your condition beyond your own awareness.

Due to the diagnosis from these, we pick the specific and exact location of channels and points for the day’s treatment.

Benefit for OBGYN issues (PMS, Infertility, Menopause symptoms, Irregular menses, Postpartum), Headaches, Constipation, IBS, Acid reflex, Low back ache, shoulder pain/stiffness, Neck pain/stiffness, Seasonal allergies,  Bloating, Skin disorders (Dryness, Atopic, Eczema, Scars)

This treatment uses acupuncture and moxa (body only) for your need.


Stress makes Qi (energy) flow less and then creates stagnation in the body. The stagnantion makes the body tight. And also the stagnation happens in the head, abdomen, chest, all over the body. That’s why stress brings a lot of symptoms. To release the stress is breaking the stagnation. It means that moving Qi flow (energy flow) and back to normal Qi flow (energy flow).

 Stress  Relief Treatment uses acupuncture (body, head and face), moxa and head medical massage for your need.

*This treatment of face is focused on around the jaw.


Facial Rejuvenation Treatment makes the complexion brighter and moisturizes your skin.

Highly recommend getting treatment continuously to keep the result better and shows quickly.

Our clinic gives this treatment not only the face but also the body as well since the skin is a part of the organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We treat you inside out for your beauty and brightness.

Benefits for dullness of the skin, dryness, darkness around the eyes, acne, wrinkles, TMJ.


Facial Rejuvenation Treatment uses acupuncture and moxa (body and face with special needles and moxa technique) for your need.


Total body medical massage with Japanese technique to discover the patient's needs. Our clinic uses only the therapists’ hands because human hands are the most sensitive machines that we believe to find and catch where we need to treat for each patient and each time. At the same time, it addresses the causes to fix the symptoms and problems.

TuiNa/Medical Massage uses our licensed therapists’ hands (arms, legs, back, back of the neck and head).



Kaneko Style Japanese Meridian Acupuncture Treatment surely has benefits for children as well.

For example, atopy, night-time crying, allergy, bed-wetting, weak constitution, health maintenance, and disease prevention. 

We recommend getting treatment when parents notice their kid’s signs and symptoms ASAP. It’s because children have a lot of Yang energy, so they quickly will be better when they start to get treatment asap.

Pediatric Treatment uses Teishin (special needle that non-insertive needle).


If you’re curious about or interested in our clinic and treatments but a little bit scary to get an acupuncture treatment, please take this opportunity to come by for free.  We consult about your condition, then make you comfortable with the acupuncture treatment, and give you the best suggestions for your health.