- Andrew.S 

     Andrew S.

Kazumi’s style of massage is  rejuvenating, comforting, and relaxing. Whether it is the heat of the Moxa, the flow of refreshment from the acupuncture, or the relief of tight muscles being loosened so effortlessly and smoothly, the massage passes by like a positive dream.

Whether you are looking for some time to relax or have a strain that you cannot seem to soothe, I highly recommend visiting Kazumi for an appointment!

     Elsa M.

A friend of mine suggested me to try acupuncture, lucky for me it happened I got to have a treatment from Kazumi, gosh I fell in love, her care, kindness, positive energy made me feel secure and develop a deep connection with the Chinese medicine, I feel in a total peace everytime I get a treatment from her, my muscles get relaxed, my mind rests and my blood flow normally.

I know Kazumi for over 2 years ago and I am thankful every time for her treatments and her care, I highly recommend Kazumi and her treatments, I think everyone should give their body a truly treat that only Kazumi can give.

     Brian K.

I had the pleasure of receiving accupuncture from Kazumi.  It was truly a wonderful experience and helped relieve the tension in my shoulders and back.  I liken it to feeling like you are laying on a cloud and floating.  She is a very talented acupuncturist and I highly recommend her services.  

     Franck M.

I am a teacher and professional dancer, I use my body so much. Dancing can introduce lots of unusual stresses to the body, which in turn can produce pain or soreness in joints and muscles.

Kazumi Senda was my dance student. I talked to her about my terrible pain and she said I will help you Franck!!! 

With her technique she definitely changed my life. I remembered very strong pain from my back and muscles. Quickly I felt a big difference and my power came back on stage. She also took care of my dance company. I want to thanks Kazumi Senda so so much for making such a huge difference in my life. Highly recommended Now!!

     Jean-Noël M.

I have visited with Kazumi Senda weekly for a couple of months and the benefits are significant in terms of general well being as well as more specific pains like stiff neck or else that greatly improved. She has more of a holistic approach and beside acupuncture also gives you very valuable advice on how to best treat your body. I Highly recommend her without any reservations.

     Allan E.

Kazumi Senda's treatment of both my trouble with jaw muscles and lower back pain were successful. Kazumi Senda is expert at acupuncture; keep in mind that Japan has maintained and advanced acupuncture knowledge without the interruptions of learning that China experienced in its anti-tradition movements of the early 1950s and late 1960s. Moreover, her training in other traditional medical techniques adds to her acupuncture base and makes her a great medical resource for all of us. 

     Dani C.

I’ve been going to Kazumi for the past year now, and it’s been incredibly helpful. I’m a professional dancer in Latin Music, such as Bachata, Salsa, Chacha, merengue. She makes you feel incredible after her sessions. This treatment it’s been so helpful to my health life. Kazumi is someone that’s very diverse in her field like providing, massage, pressure points and abdominal work. I recommend her highly, it will change your life. She’s not just great at what she’s do, but she’s a great person. Thank you Kazumi .